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Biographie The criteria for buying a leaf vacuum mulcher

Here are the essential things you should know before buying your leaf vacuum mulcher.
The type of leaf vacuum mulcher: There are three types of leaf vacuum mulcher :
The blower: he blows the leaves to collect them in one place.

The leaf blower and vacuum mulcher: in addition to the blower mode, it sucks up the leaves to put them in the device's collection bag.

The blower, vacuum mulcher, and shredder: apart from blowing and sucking up the leaves, he reduces them to crumbs with his shredder to obtain compost.

The choice of type is solely up to you and your daily needs.

FoodThe power supply is either electric, thermal or battery-powered. The electric model is very light, and it needs a source of electricity to be able to function. It is suitable for an area measuring less than 2000 m².

The thermal leaf mulcher vacuum has an engine that is either 4-stroke (less polluting) or 2-stroke and is powered by gasoline. It is much more powerful and is made for a large terrain.

Finally, the battery model is reserved for small areas or to remove a small number of leaves. It does not emit noise, but its autonomy does not exceed 40 minutes.


For electric leaf vacuums, it is between 2500 and 3000 W. For thermals, it varies from 25 to 50 cm 3. You have to choose the one that has high power, but also the one that suits the size of your garden and the appearance of the leaves (dry or wet).

The power variation

If the device has it, you will have the opportunity to adjust the power according to your needs, and that's even better.


It is better to opt for the one that is less heavy, has a very ergonomic handle, and is accompanied by a shoulder strap.

The other points, in addition

Apart from the different criteria listed above, you should also consider the collection bag's price, sound level, and capacity.

Summarizing all the ones we have just seen, we would like to point out that you should not choose just any leaf vacuum if you want to get your job done quickly. It is necessary to examine its characteristics carefully, considering the essential points we have just mentioned to you above. By following this buying guide, you are sure to find your leaf vacuum easily. 
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